Review: GoodBelly Probiotic Drinks 12 Day Challenge

Shortly after I got pregnant, I learned that most pregnant women experience a certain degree of, erm, digestive discomfort while they grow their little bundles. Probiotic supplements are usually recommended to pregnant ladies, but I've never really been good about taking them. So, I've tried to incorporate more fermented foods and sources of "good" bacteria into my diet.

Then, as if by magic, the kind folks at GoodBelly reached out and offered to let me try their 12 Day Challenge. After learning that their entire line of products is vegan, I jumped at the chance!

GoodBelly makes probiotic drinks that come in a quart-sized carton or in two different sizes of individual "shots." Because I like to keep packaging to a minimum, I went with three different flavors of the quart-sized drinks: blueberry acai, pomegranate blackberry, and coconut water.

Day 1 - Blueberry Acai. I love the flavor of acai juice, so I already had my suspicions that I'd enjoy this juice. The natural tartness of the acai disguises the distinctive tang of the added probiotics, and makes for a really nice juice treat.

Day 2 - Pomegranate Blackberry. Less sweet and slightly more tart than the blueberry acai, this blend was also really good. I feel like this would have tasted even more amazing mixed with some bananas and fresh blackberries in a smoothie. Yum!

Day 3 - Coconut Water. I was a little skeptical about how the probiotic-infused coconut water would be, especially after seeing that it as a cloudy appearance due to all that good bacteria. So, I had to save this one for last. Guess what? It tastes just like regular coconut water, but with a little tang. I love coconut water for its electrolyte properties, so I was happy to sample this one on a day when I was feeling particularly unwell, after struggling with sinus congestion for several days. Ultimately, as with plain coconut water, I didn't enjoy drinking this concoction straight up and opted to mix it with few ounces of orange juice. Talk about a yummy cocktail of wellness!

Day 6 - After making the rotation through the flavors several times by this point, the Blueberry Acai held fast as my favorite of the bunch, even though I still liked the others as well. Nearly a week into this probiotic experiment, I wondered how I would feel. Would it impact my stomach? My appetite? My digestion? Would I feel lighter, cleaner, better, strong? Well, let's be serious. This isn't a detox cleanse or anything like that. (Don't do those if you're pregnant or breastfeeding, b-t-dubs.) So, it's silly to think that it'll completely change the way you feel, especially just halfway through the 12 Day Challenge. I don't have any complaints, though!

Day 12 - When I slurped down the last drops of my GoodBelly drinks, I have to admit I was a bit sad. That stuff was awfully tasty, and I knew that feeding my body with all those happy little probiotics was a good thing.

The verdict? The folks at GoodBelly have worked hard to make a product that is truly healthy and delicious. I really enjoyed my 12 days of yummy probiotic goodness, and will definitely pick up their products in the future. I'd really like to try the other flavors, and there are a lot of them!

Although these cartons can sometimes be pricey, I often see them on sale at my local grocery stores, and I bet that's true in your area as well. But, there's no reason not to try the 12 Day Challenge because it comes with a money-back guarantee! Check out the details here and score yourself some coupons for when you go a'purchasin!

Disclaimer: GoodBelly sent me VIP vouchers to exchange for these products. All opinions expressed are my own.

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