Cat is a writer who really loves to eat. In fact, she's relentless in her passion for good food, environmentally friendly food practices, and wholesome, organic ingredients. She's also a budding photographer and a horror film addict. And, it's no great surprise that she's also a bit of a reformed granola hippie chick. (Ok, maybe only partially reformed!)

Back in August 2009, Cat started blogging to chronicle her kitchen adventures in an attempt to show others how easy it can be to create tasty, vegan, organic meals from scratch without spending hours and hours slaving over the stove. She focused on helping people learn to enjoy seasonal produce, and to take control of their role in the global food system as well as their personal health. Writing The Verdant Life has allowed her rededicate herself to her passion toward organic and sustainable food systems as well as eco-conscious living on a budget, with limited time and resources.

In addition to this website, Cat also works as a freelance writer, marketing professional, and consultant. She currently lives in Columbus, Ohio.

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